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 china2China has high level education platform

What informed your decision to school in China?

China is the biggest platform now for so many things. As you are no doubt aware, everyone is looking upto China. Their infrastructure base is massive; their development level is so superb. Everything points to China so I just felt and asked myself that if all eyes are turning to China, why won’t I go there too. I saw China as my best option and I can say I have not regretted it. [More]


Women and challenges of public life

Since creation, gender inequality has been in existence. Even in democratic societies such as our’s, a system that accords equal freedom to all citizens, gender discrimination occurs in all aspects of our life. One area this practice is so pronounced is politics.

Most men think that it is not the best role for a woman if she wants to have a peaceful family or home. In other words, it is pretty difficult for women to combine politics [More]

 riceCoping with climate change in Nigeria

An agricultural economist, Dr Temidayo Apata at Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji-Arakeji, recently recalled that scientific literature indicates that the world is experiencing higher temperatures and changing rainfall levels. He said the effects of this would result in low/poor agricultural products, observing that climate change had telling effects on crop yields in many countries, including Nigeria. [More]

gov gandujeWe are re-strategizing the Almajeri education system- Gov. Ganduje

Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje is the executive governor of Kano state who believes his administration has not done badly so far. He spoke at the All Progressives Congress (APC) media round table on some issues ranging from how his government is diversifying economy in the state, integrating Almajiri school into conventional system, fighting corruption among others. [More]



Dr-Alfred-Akawe-TorkulaAlfred Akawe Torkula: Legacies of an academic monarch

It was ten o’clock in the morning, and I had been working on my desk, then as Executive Editor with Aboki Publishers for two hours. My external editor had returned a manuscript with the working title ‘‘The Tiv Woman: Challenges and Prospects’’ and I was checking the list of queries and suggestions with ideas rushing like a babbling stream in my head, then a particular query leap out of the pages with the kind of intensity that one cannot simply ignore. The author had used an anecdote common among the [More]

dtcommonstreamsstreamserverclsConcern mounts over street children

Although sociologists have advanced several factors why children are on the street. They are nonetheless unanimous that no reason is good enough for any child to be on the street. According to a study by ActionAid India, Children living on the streets comprise one of the most marginalised and vulnerable populations in the world. Denied of all basic rights, balanced diet, safe shelter, access to [More]

‘Fairwin’ and the Kogi emancipation agenda

In the first week of July 2015, while thinking of a unique group name as a support group for Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello popularly known as Fairplus, I was actually thinking of a group name that is not only synonymous to Fairness but a name that will linger on politically and socially to champion the cause of our collective progress as a people of Kogi State. [More]


 Obstacles to basic education in Nigeria

It is no longer new that, over the last decade, Nigeria’s exponential growth in population has put immense pressure on the country’s resources and on already overstretched public services and infrastructure. With children under 15 years of age accounting for about 45 per cent of the country’s population, the burden on education and other sectors has become overwhelming. [More]

Gabriel Suswam, former Benue State Governor

Suswam’s other legacies

I have read certain commentaries profiling the administration of former Benue State Governor Gabriel Torwua Suswam in glowing light. And that’s wonderful. They contain some representations on legacies left by the immediate past governor in his eight year governance of this 40 year old state. Interestingly, it’s not surprising that these legacies are only been thrown [More]


Isaac Adewole health ministerAfrican countries moving toward malaria elimination –WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that many African countries were moving toward malaria elimination, with prevention efforts saving millions of dollars in healthcare costs over the past 14 years.

A statement issued by WHO said this is contained in a World Malaria Report 2015, released by the world health body.

It said “new estimates from WHO show a significant increase in the number of countries moving toward malaria elimination, with prevention efforts saving millions of dollars in healthcare costs over the past 14 years in many African countries.’’

According to the report, more than half (57) of the 106 countries with malaria in 2000 have achieved reductions in new malaria cases of least 75 per cent by 2015.

“In that same time frame, 18 countries reduced their malaria cases by 50 per cent to 75 per cent.

“Across sub-Saharan Africa, the prevention of new cases of malaria has resulted in major cost savings for endemic countries.

“New estimates presented in the WHO report show that reductions in malaria cases attributable to malaria control activities saved an estimated 900 million dollars in case management costs in the region between 2001 and 2014.

“Insecticide-treated mosquito nets contributed the largest savings, followed by artemisin-based combination therapies and indoor residual spraying.’’

Also, Dr Magaret Chan, the WHO Director-General, said “since the start of this century, investments in malaria prevention and treatment have averted over six million deaths.

“We know what works. The challenge now is to do even more.’’