Man’s attempt to return lost phone to owner lands him three-year jail term

Kidnappers, armed robbery suspect arrested in Abia
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A Ghanaian man, Peter Takpondo, was on Friday released from prison after spending three years there, for finding a phone and calling a contact on the phone to tell her that he had found the phone.

Takpondo according to Myjoyonline was a miner before his time in prison. He had left work with some of his colleagues to get lunch. On their return trip, they found a mobile phone on the ground.

Takpondo remembered that he called a contact on the phone to inform her that he had found a phone.

According to him, he gave out his location and found police officers in his house the next day with the woman he had spoken to. He was accused of stealing the phone and whisked away into custody.

Peter was remanded in prison during his trial until some judges on the Justice for All Programme entered the prison to hear his story.

He was let go last Friday, July 27, 2018.

Wearing a white shirt on his black trousers, the 25-year old weighed in on his wasted years. He said, “I am late in all spheres of life”, he told reporters.

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