2019: Group defy rainfall to sensitise Nigerians to vote

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A Youth group in the FCT on Saturday, took to the streets of Abuja to sensitise Nigerians on the need to register and vote in the 2019 General Elections.

The Group, christened “Not Lazy Nigerians Movement”, held its debut meeting at the Millennium Park in Abuja from  where it began to distribute fliers urging Nigerians to collect their Permanent Voters Cards.

Even light showers could not deter members of the group who were spotted in the rain, covering themselves with mats used for sitting in the park.

Memebers of the Group covering themselves with mats as its rained during their sensitisation at the Millennium Park in Abuja

The Movement which is a non-partisan one, distributed flier which had inscriptions such as: “Get your PVC Today, it is your right to vote” – “Your right to vote is one of the most basic and fundamental rights in a democracy.

The fliers also had another inscription which preached unity: “We are stronger together Nigeria” as well as step by step procedure through which one can obtain a voters card.

Speaking during the rally, the FCT Coordinator of the movement, Mr Joseph Peter Joseph, said that the group had membership in all states of the federation.

He commended members for defying the rainfall and coming out to sensitise other youths.

“The idea of this group is not to disrupt the polity or cause confusion, instead we are only performing a civic responsibility and contributing to the society.

Most Nigerians youths have left the electioneering process to elites, they do not realize that they must be part of the process.

So we are here to sensitise youths to take up their roles and be part of the process, first by getting their PVCs and engage in the process that determines who leads them.

It is not about PDP or APC or ADP or any political party for that matter, it is about the need for us young people to wake up to the call. We have the highest voting population and we can decide who leads us.

“We are so important to the process: we are the ones that vote the most, we are the adhoc staff, unfortunately we are also the ones used by bad politicians as thugs and carryout other electoral ills.

“If we as youths wake up now and engage ourselves better, we can now contribute better to the electoral process,” he said.

He added that the sensitisation will continue until the end of the voters registration and through to the election period.

He said that the target of the movement was to get 20 million million youths sensitized and ready to vote in the 2019 election.

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