Igbos Should Vote APC To Show Appreciation For Good Works – Senator Adeola

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Lagos – Senator Solomon Adeola (APC, Lagos West), the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Content, has called on all Igbos resident and earning a living in Lagos to vote for the ruling party, All Progressives Congress, APC, in Lagos State in the coming 2019 election as that is the way to show appreciation for the good work of the party so far.

Making the call when a delegation of Alaba International Market Council of Elders (AIMCE) paid him a courtesy call at the Senate in Abuja to present an award for good representation to him, Senator Adeola told the delegation led by Eze John-Greg Ezebuadi, the Chairman of AIMCE) and Eze Ndi Igbo of Iba, Ojo LGA that the last election shows that Igbos in Lagos heeded calls of external influence that have no interest in their welfare in the state.

“I am of the view that you should see the Yorubas that you live with for years as your brothers more than your tribe’s people that you see only once or so in a year or not at all for decades.

“The interest of the APC government led by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and our leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to continue to develop all part of Lagos state is the best interest of all of Lagosians including the Igbos. In spite of negative electoral result from some areas against APC, the government has not discriminated against any section in bettering the welfare of all Lagosian,” he stated.

Senator Adeola said 2019 election is a good time for Igbos to open a new chapter in their relation with the ruling party APC adding that their support and vote for APC in the state will show they appreciate the progressive and welfarist government of Governor Ambode in the last here years without discrimination.

“I can say and I am aware that Governor Ambode has not discriminated against any group in delivery of dividends of democracy. He has not abandoned areas that did not vote for him and his party in 2015. The coming 2019 election is time to show appreciation and encouragement for the APC in Lagos State,” Senator Adeola stated.

Earlier on Eze Ezebuadi said they decided to come to Abuja to present the award to him for his effective representation of Lagos West Senatorial District at the Senate that they watch regularly national television adding that the voting pattern of the last election was the result of non-recognition of relevant and progressive Igbos with long history of working with the progressives of Lagos State.

He said with the performance of the Ambode administration work is ongoing to enlighten all Igbos on the need to bring to truism the Igbo adage “Ebe madu bi Ka ona Wachi” meaning ‘where you live is where you call your home’.


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